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A number of University of Maryland websites are currently operating under limited or no capacity, including the university homepage. We are working to restore full functionality as soon as possible.

March 14
Turning Radio Signals into Light for New Technologies
A team from UMD's Joint Quantum Institute created a radio band detector that coverts radio waves to light, while reducing background noise a thousand times better than existing methods.

March 13
Student Innovators to Converge at UMD for Bitcamp
University of Maryland students will host Bitcamp, the university's first Major League Hackathon, April 4−6, 2014 in Cole Field House on the university's College Park, Md., campus.

March 12
Tiny Origami Boxes Hold Big Promise for Energy Storage
Researchers from the University of Maryland have advanced hydrogen energy storage through origami.

March 11
Breast Cancer Gene Protects Against Obesity, Diabetes
The gene known to be associated with breast cancer susceptibility plays a critical role in the normal metabolic function of skeletal muscle, according to UMD researchers.